The Facebook Landing Page Maker is Here

The Squareberry Team is very excited to announce the brand new Facebook Landing Page Maker!

You can easily add an interactive Landing Page to your Facebook Fan Page!

Facebook Page Management

With the new Facebook Landing Page Maker, Squareberry now allows you to control another aspect of your Facebook Page. Your events and promotions are sent as reminders to your Wall, displayed on your Facebook Page Calendar and now featured on your customizable Landing Page. The Facebook Landing Page is designed to be a hub that connects your page viewers to your complete online presence and drive real world traffic by showing off events and promotions.

Features Include:

  • Banner Image
  • Text/HTML Area
  • YouTube Video
  • Events and Promotions Slider
  • Link to Website, Social Sites and More
  • Show off recent Tweets or RSS Posts
  • Display Your Klout Score

Facebook Landing Page

How Do You Use It?

1. You must have a Pro level or Marketer’s Squareberry account.

2. Go to the Social Accounts area of your account, click the “Landing Page” button at the top.

3. Start adding in content, links, a Banner Image, a YouTube video and more.

4. Click “Add to Facebook Page” at the top of the page. From within this pop-up you will need to Add the Facebook Page app to your Fan Page on Facebook and connect the Squareberry Landing Page to your Facebook Fan Page of choice.

5. After, you have added the app to your Page and connected to that page in Squareberry you should see your customized Landing Page on your Facebook Page. Every update you make to it in Squareberry will update it on your Facebook Page.