Survey Shows Facebook is Top Tool for Marketers

Marketers and brands have already entered the age of social business. But this doesn’t mean they don’t bother adding SEO strategies to the mix rather than resorting to PPC ads. IT only shows that marketers are eventually learning how to combine social and search in order to come up with a more effective and feasible marketing plan.

In a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, more than 3,800 social media marketers on the planet replied to questions like:

  • How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my business?
  • How do I sell with social media?
  • How do I create a social media strategy?
  • What are the best social media management tools?
  • How do I select the right social platform for my business?

Image via Social Media Examiner

One of the most notable questions asked from the respondents was “How do I use different social media platforms?” It’s an interesting question that has marketers devising new ways of cross-platform strategies and local business owners determining the best social platform that works for their business.

Facebook trampled Twitter, Linked, and even blogs as commonly used social media tools. While this holds true for brands, marketers should keep in mind that simply jumping on the social bandwagon, and establishing your present in every relevant social platform isn’t enough. It is a requisite to ascertain the value of the social platforms to your product or service. With this in mind, the benefits of using social media as a marketing tool will eventually surface.