Mobile Website CMS – Info, URL Redirect & Custom Pages

Squareberry offers a mobile website management system with various page types that can be created. Each page type allows you to add a different type of page to your dynamic mobile website and easily create an enhanced experience for your mobile site visitors. This week’s tip looks at 3 of the mobile CMS page types, [...]

Embed Videos on Events

Why Videos? Videos rule. They grab attention and convey information in a more engaging way to viewers. Using videos can help you promote your events and boost attendance. Earlier this year, Forbes ran an article entitled “Why Online Video Is Vital For Your 2013 Content Marketing Objectives”. The article mentions 4 reasons why we are [...]

Using QR Codes for Your Mobile Pages

Squareberry’s Mobile Management area makes it easy to link directly to a mobile page or utilize a QR Code to send people directly to a page on your mobile website. Every page you create in the Mobile Management area has a unique URL and a unique QR code that points to that page. Utilizing QR [...]