Mobile Website – Existing Pages and Page Cloning

Squareberry’s mobile content management system allows for a variety of page types and menu/page creation options. Two of the lesser known features are “Add Existing Page” and “Clone a Page”. These features can greatly enhance your site and make editing easier/faster.

Add Existing Page on Your Mobile Website

This feature is great for robust mobile websites with a lot of content. Squareberry’s mobile website creator allows you to add any number of sub-menus in your mobile website. Because of this, you may want to have the same page show up multiple times. The “Add Existing Page” feature allows you to do this with ease.

On any sub-menu or on the main menu you can select to “Add Existing Page”. You will then choose from your existing mobile pages. The page you choose will be added on the menu/sub-menu you are currently on. This is not a separate page. It is the same page showing up in multiple places on your mobile website navigation. If you edit the page’s content, it will change in all locations.

Clone a Page on Your Mobile Website

The Clone a page feature differs from the feature mentioned above in that it does become a separate page. When you clone a page, you are selecting an existing page to copy the settings/content from. The new page you make is its own independent page and can be changed/edited without effecting the original.

The Clone feature is great for helping you get a head start. Often times you may want to make something similar to an existing page, and the clone feature allows you to streamline this process.

Quick Tip – If you ever need a little guidance, look to the right side of the Mobile Content page. It offers explanations on the special features of the Mobile Content creation area.