Make Your Locations Specific

Including your location with your events and promotions is a key element to driving real world traffic. In today’s social world, information is shared rapidly and exponentially. Often times, your event or promotion could end up in front of someone not familiar with you real world facilities/location at all. Attaching your location makes it easy for this person to locate your organization and participate in the event or promotion.

More Specific Locations

Some organizations have larger properties or hold events on larger properties. This can often be troublesome for someone coming to your facilities for the first time. They may not know what side of the location to be on, what floor or even which direction to go upon entering. Providing more specific locations can help.

If you are holding an event at “West End Park” be more specific. Add a location such as “East Pavilion at West End Park”. A specific location like this can help people locate you more easily.

Customize Where Your Pin Displays

Squareberry allows you to drop the pin on your map in the exact spot you want it to be. This means the marker displayed on your maps with your location can be places in the ideal spot for communicating to your followers.

A few ideas on how to place your pin:

  • Place the pin right where the entrance is.
  • Place the pin right where people can normally find parking.
  • For larger properties, place the pin right where the event will take place on the property.

Event Location Map

Add Notes

Squareberry also allows you to add notes to any location. You can provide walking directions after parking, tell them which elevator to take or describe what they should look for. The notes feature for locations is beneficial for any type of organization or event.