Connecting Twilio and Scheduling SMS Messages

Squareberry has just launched SMS integration into our Mobile and Social marketing platform. True SMS scheduling/publishing is done through Twilio, a leading SMS sending platform. Squareberry connects to your Twilio account just like it connects to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

SMS scheduling and messaging through Twilio is only available in Mobile + Social (formerly Mobile Pro) accounts, Marketer accounts and Agency accounts with a paid monthly subscription.

1. Set-Up a Twilio Account

You can set-up an account on Twilio’s website at: SMS messages are an additional fee to your monthly subscription and are paid directly to Twilio. Squareberry does not handle SMS fees or payments at all. In order to keep sending messages ot your SMS subscribers, you need to keep your Twilio account funded.

2. Connect Twilio to Your Squareberry Account

If you have connected a social media account to Squareberry, then connecting to Twilio will be very familiar. In the SMS area (found in the Account Management drop down on the main menu) there is an SMS Settings tab. On this page, you need to select “Send True SMS Using Twilio”. Then click on the red “Connect” button.

You will be prompted to provide the login credentials for your Twilio account, or if your are already logged into Twilio in your web browser, that step will be skipped. If you have more then one phone number purchased on Twilio, you will then be able to select which phone number to use.

3. Start Scheduling and Publishing

Sending and scheduling SMS messages is easy. SMS messages are created the same way social media messages are. You can send an instant message or schedule a message far in advance. Either way, you now have an option (with a checkbox) for sending to “SMS Subscribers”. You can even send the same message to SMS Subscribers and social media accounts.

4. Stats, Account and Payments

In the SMS area there is a “Stats” tab. Here you will see how many SMS messages you are sending and how much money you are spending sending these SMS messages.

You will also be able to view your recently sent SMS messages.

5. Get More SMS Subscribers

  • - Add phone numbers manually on the Subscribers page of the SMS area.
  • - Embed the SMS Subscriber Widget on any website to capture phone numbers and gain more SMS subscribers. Anyone who subscribers via this widget is automatically added to your subscriber list.