Auto-Snagging and Custom Event Views

Event Views

In the Calendars & Widgets area of Squareberry, you have the ability to create new “Event Views”. Event Views are essentially a grouping of categories and settings which can be displayed as a month calendar, list calendar, slider widget, etc. You can make any number of these views with any number/combination of categories.

For example, you could make a view with just a single category of events and promotions. Then you can display that on your website as a List Widget on your website sidebar or as a slider on your home page. Event Views give you flexibility to customize, control and deliver your events in a variety of ways.

Your “Default” Event View

By default, there is an Event View already created in new accounts. This Event View can not be deleted, but its settings/colors/name can be edited. The main difference with this default view is that you can not control the categories. Every category, whether created by you or snagged from another account, is added to this default event view. Basically this event view includes everything automatically.

*The Default View is easily identified as it does not have a delete button/option.

Automatic Snagging Features

Auto-snagging features allow you to Snag all categories from an account. Instead of snagging individual categories and having to worry about each time a new category is created, you can now snag the entire account and categories added to that account in the future will be automatically snagged.

This new snagging feature lines up perfectly with the default event view. Say you have added your default event view on a website as a month calendar. Then, you want to snag and display all categories from a certain account. When you snag that account, the categories will be added to the default event view and thus display on your calendar. In the future, if that account adds any new categories they will be automatically snagged and added to that view. The default event view makes it so that the whole process can be automatic.