Add a Calendar to Your Facebook Page

Squareberry allows you to add a Calendar view to any Facebook fan page. This calendar will automatically be updated with the events and promotions entered into your Squareberry account.

Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Adding a full calendar to your Facebook page keeps people coming back. People will know they can go there to see what is happening at your organization and plan which upcoming events and promotions they will participate in. It will drive continual traffic to your page.

Social Media Calendar

Adding a Calendar to your Facebook page is a great way to keep people updated with all the real world happenings going on at your business. Facebook is where people are spending their time, so communicating your schedule and upcoming events in Facebook is important.

PLEASE NOTE: Facebook introduced a new Facebook Page format in March of 2012. Because of this, we will be switching to using the Full Month Calendar for the Calendar for Facebook Pages app, as of March 29, 2012. Meaning, instead of the Icon Month Calendar showing, the Full Month Calendar will show. If you already have the calendar on your Facebook page, you do not need to do anything – the change will be seamless.