3 Great Times to Publish Social Media Messages

Ahead of Events

If you run a store or restaurant with a physical location, chances are you hold events or run special promotions to draw more people in to your real world location. Like anything else, the value lies in awareness and participation. It is important to get the word out about your upcoming events. Social media is a great tool for this.

Schedule messages to publish leading up to these special events. Make sure you don’t wait until too soon before the event. You want to give enough time to build awareness and allow people to share the information with others.

Squareberry publishes automated messages abou your upcoming events and promotions based on the settings you dictate. These settings are controlled at the category level.

Friday Afternoon

Weekend coming up? Perfect. Generally, people go out and spend money more on weekends. If your business has events that take place on the weekend, you will definitely want to get the information about your events out there on social media.

Friday afternoon (about 2 – 5 PM) is when a lot of people are online. People who work in offices use this time to see what other people are planning for the weekend and what events or things there are to do. You want to make sure you are part of this conversation.

During Your Events

This is a great time to publish messages. When publishing during an event you want to send a message that sounds “real-time”. For instance: “The Live Music tonight is outstanding. 2 more hours still to go. Come on in and join us!”.

These messages help draw in last minute attendees as well as generate interest for your next event.

Everybody’s Different

Of course, don’t forget that every situation can be unique. Take advantage of Facebook Insights which show you your total reach for each post when you are viewing your timeline on Facebook. Then, check the time/day of the posts that get the most views. This can give you a good idea of when works best for you.