Auto-Snagging and Custom Event Views

Event Views In the Calendars & Widgets area of Squareberry, you have the ability to create new “Event Views”. Event Views are essentially a grouping of categories and settings which can be displayed as a month calendar, list calendar, slider widget, etc. You can make any number of these views with any number/combination of categories. [...]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! The Squareberry Team would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

Tuesday Tip – Last Minute Promotions & Events

Squareberry allows you to plan and schedule your event and promotions far in advance. This helps make your life easier. You are not scrambling to post social messages or updating your calendar late at night. Your schedule can be ready to go ahead of time. But, things happen. Sometimes you need to run an event/promotion [...]