What a waste!

One time or recurring custom messages.

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What a waste!

Postby kelvinbrown » Mon May 14, 2012 3:30 pm

I wasted a lot of time NOT using the scheduled messages feature.

I just started playing with it last week. I don't use the calendar system in the way it was generally meant. One calendar, one business.

I am promoting it as a community calendar, those I have a ton of events and different businesses to try to promote.

I also run a local business directory. I market the 2 together. Now, here is what I just realized. I took on a new promotions client
for an ad spot rotating at the top of the calendar.

But I could have offered to supersize that client, by scheduling a promotional post say, once a week for a month. Or twice a day for a week.

Tons of options with the calendar.

For me, I have several hundred businesses to promote. But I can give special attention to say, 1 a day for 30 days. Or promote 1 monday for 1 month, another for tueadays only, etc. I am excited about the number of options.

Also, if you have no other intent, to promote events, you can still push business info to your social feeds.

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