Get Feedback by Asking Questions

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Get Feedback by Asking Questions

Postby Andy » Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:57 pm

Get Feedback
…and feedback is a good thing!

Social Media and other aspects of the web have given organizations a great opportunity for getting feedback, responses and more information from their customers than ever before. Organizations should take advantage of this to gain insight and optimize the way they do business, plan events, communicate and more.

Why is feedback so great? Well, it helps you modify and perfect the way you are doing things. It is important to constantly adjust your methods to fine tune them and create the ideal experience for your customers/visitors/etc. Questions can also help promote further conversation and discussion.

Ask Questions on Social Media
Social Media is the perfect outlet for getting feedback. You could post a simple question on Twitter or Facebook. Your question is seen by the people following you, who can respond instantly. Before social media, gaining feedback so instantaneously was uncommon or difficult.

Ask Questions on Social Media
Respond to Comments/Mentions with Questions
You can instigate further conversation by asking questions to people who have already commented or mentioned you on social media. For instance, someone may mention you on Twitter, saying that they are at your restaurant. Responding with a question like “Have you tried the Salmon?” does two things: it recommends something to your guest and it carries the conversation on, encouraging them to respond further and keep the conversation going.

Squareberry Tally Feature
Squareberry allows you to place a single question on every event you make. Each question comes with 3 buttons allowing viewers to answer “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”. This feature allows you to get quick feedback from your viewers while adding an interactive element to your event page.
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