Social Media for Business

With the Social Media Planner, businesses can plan out their communications, events and promotions far in advance. The Planner allows you to schedule events, messages and promotions in an easy calendar interface. All of your happenings can be repeated in a variety ways. Existing happenings and messages can be easily edited and adjusted.

Social Media For Businesses Made Easy

Squareberry makes social media management and communications easy for businesses. Automated reminders about upcoming events are sent out to social media sites, customized messages can be scheduled far in advance. Everything can be repeated, adjusted, optimized and tracked. Squareberry gives businesses a powerful and easy tool to manage social media communications.

Followers can subscribe to get Email and SMS reminders about upcoming events and promotions. Subscribers can select which categories matter to them and choose how they want to get their reminders. The email and SMS subscriptions are entirely automated making it very easy to manage.

Business Online Calendar

Squareberry offers an ideal calendar for businesses. The web calendars can be shown on existing business websites or anywhere else! Businesses can even add a full month calendar to their Facebook Fan Page to show off their upcoming events and promotions.