Planning Your Social Media Campaign

Social Event Centric

Promoting events and specials is a great way to get more people to your real world location. It is a good idea to set-up weekly events such as “Ladies Night” “Wings Wednesdays” etc. Having these type of events on weekdays can help boost days that are normally slower.

Combine Messages With Your Events

With Squareberry, you will plan and schedule events. Automated reminders will be sent out on social media channels about these events, drawing people into your location. A good idea is to bring in the stragglers with a scheduled message.

For instance:

Schedule “Wings Wednesday” for every Wednesday from 6pm – 11pm. Squareberry will send out a reminder to everyone about this even before the event starts. Then schedule a message to send out around 7:30pm saying “Wings Wednesdays is going great! People are enjoying the wings and drinks! We are going strong till 11pm! Stop by!”

This kind of scheduled message paired with an event creates a sense of real time conversation. Followers will think you are right there at your location sending out a message about what is going on, even though you scheduled it in advance.

Social Media Planner Makes It Easy

Scheduling events, messages and promotions is made easy thanks to Squareberry, Social Media Planner. It is just like using a calendar. Go to the date, click Add, enter your info and that’s it. Squareberry is easy, intuitive, and effective.