Best Social Media Planner

Squareberry is the best Social Media Planner. It is built just like a calendar. You can schedule far in advance, repat and optimize. The repeat options include Weekly, Daily, Monthly and even Yearly. You can repeat on select days, dates and more. If you can use a calendar, you can use Squareberry.

Easy Social Media Planner

Squareberry is easy to use. The Social Media Planner allows you to simply click on dates, and add events, messages and promotions. Unlike most social media tools, you are not just scheduling messages. With the Social Media Planner you are laying out and planning your events, promotions and messages.

Events and promotions show off what is happening in the real world and your real location(s). Automated reminders about your events and promotions are published across social media, email, SMS and more. With the Social media Planner in Squareberry, you are driving real world traffic and participation. You are no longer just sending people to a website or blog.

Social Media Calendar

Squareberry also displays your events and promotions on a variety of calendars and widgets. There are Full Month Calendars, List Calendars, and dynamic widgets to show upcoming happenings. You can even add a calendar to your Facebook Fan Page. In addition to publishing to social media sites, your events and promotions are displayed on calendars and widgets integrated on your website, Facebook Page, and more.