Squareberry offers an intuitive social media planner for creating and scheduling social media marketing and communications. Anyone can use the planner thanks to its familiar look and feel. The Social Media Planner works just like a calendar, allowing you to schedule events, messages, and promotions in advance, just like a calendar.

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Social Media Planner

Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Planner makes social media marketing easy and dynamic. You can plan out your social media marketing campaign with repeating events, finely timed messages, and well-placed coupon promotions. All of these display nicely on the planner in a simple calendar-like format, making it easy to edit and reschedule.

Ideal Social Media Planner

Squareberry’s Social Media Planner is ideal for streamlined marketing and communications. It offers a simple calendar interface for scheduling events, messages and promotions. You can easily jump from one month to another to plan your social media communications. The Planner allows you to edit specific occurrences of your happenings, view and event or promotion or add something new to any date.

The Social Media Planner is perfect for schools, churches, businesses and more.

Social Online Calendar

Editing your online calendar is just like… a Calendar! Add, schedule, repeat and edit on the social media planner. Get a monthly view of your events to easily plan in areas that need more. You can even filter the planner by categories to work on specific areas at a time.

Social media has never been easier. The Social Media Planner delivers an intuitive and simple way to plan your social media marketing and social media communications.