Fundraising Guide

With Squareberry, there is no limit on the amount of funds you can raise! Your Ad Groups are good for one year at a fixed price, but how you sell them is completely up to you and what your local market will produce.

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Pricing Strategy

You could sell each spot for the whole year at $1,000 each, giving you an easy $5,000 raised with little hassle, no inventory, and no door to door selling. You could divide them up into 3 month increments at $500 each. Doing this would get you $2000 for each spot per year, a total of $10,000 in revenue!

Ad Spots $ Raised Per Ad Length of Time Total $ Raised
5 for $250 $250 12 Months $1000
5 for $250 $500 12 Months $2250
5 for $250 $400 3 Months $7750
10 for $500 $1000 12 Months $9500
10 for $500 $1300 12 Months $12500
10 for $500 $1000 6 Months $19500


Many businesses can pay upwards of $500 or $1000 per month to have small coupons placed in local flyers and newspapers or banners placed on school football and baseball fields.Your sponsorship spots offer ideal space in a highly focused market.

Sell Those Ads

1 Start with your “Low Hanging Fruit”

Make a list of your existing community partners and school families who own local businesses. Spread the word. Talk to parents of students in the school to generate “buzz” about the new calendar and ad spaces. In many cases, you can meet your goals using people you already know or businesses who support current school activities.

2 Think Family-Friendly

Who would be interested in communicating to local families? These are the people who will buy sponsorship spots. Try local dentists, the pizza place around the corner, or a nearby karate studio. Businesses like this are very interested in getting their message to families that are nearby.

Get Started With:

Ballet Studio, Karate Studio, Swim Lesson, Dentist, Chiropractor, Gym, Ice Cream Shop, Jump Zone, Rock Climbing Facility, School Supply Store, Copy Shop, Tutors, Local Boutiques, Jewelry Stores, and Restaurants

3 Look Outside The Box

Would a nearby travel agent who specializes in family vacations like to advertise with you? How about a software company who provides internet security to help keep kids safe while on the web? Companies like this are used to paying top dollars for promoting themselves. You could offer them a highly targeted approach to reach the right people.

Selling To A Business

Ask them how they currently advertise. Where do they put ads? How much do they pay (if they seem willing to discuss this)? This can give you immediate feedback as to the state of the business you are trying to sell to.

If the business already advertises elsewhere…

Great! It is easy to compare your sponsorship spots to them. Let them know your school community is the perfect target market for their business. If they tell you how much they pay, you can offer them the same amount (if it is satisfactory) or even offer something $100 less to give them a highly valuable solution.

If the business does not advertise elsewhere…

Great! This is their perfect opportunity to get started. Not only are they supporting a local school, they are reaching local families and potential customers. They are getting an easy, highly targeted and affordable way to promote their business.

Sample Pitch

“How would you like to REALLY promote your business while sponsoring a local school? We have a nice online calendar system for our school with spots for local businesses like yours to promote themselves. Our calendar is the #1 resource online for all families at the school. Your ad will be seen by local parents who are part of this community. We can get you a spot for 6 months for only $500.”

Always Remember!
What you are selling is REALLY worth it!

Use this Sponsorship Spots doc to give to potential sponsors. It outlines the size and elements of the ad spots: