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In addition to getting a fantastic social media communication tool for your school, you can use Squareberry to raise unlimited funding for your school. Our integrated ad system lets you purchase new Ad Spots for use.

These ads are displayed on the various web Calendar Views for your school. You can now turn around and sell these Ad Spots for any amount you want! There is no limit on what you sell it for to raise money for your school. Once you have sold a set of ads, you can easily purchase another set of spots. Take a quick look at what it will look like.

School Fundraising – How do you make Money?

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Your organization sells sponsorship spaces that are displayed above your school’s customized calendar views. The best part is you set the price ($250, $500, $1000, …) for each sponsorship space you sell! Squareberry’s integrated sponsorship system lets you pre-purchase and manage the sponsorship spaces. There is no limit to the number of sponsorship spaces that you can sell.

These sponsorship spaces are highly sought by your local community businesses to help support your school and attract new patrons. No inventory, no Door-to-Door selling and no large mobilization of students and parents needed to reach your goal.

Need Some Fundraising Tips?

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