School District Calendar

Squareberry delivers a comprehensive solution for School Districts to create a network of shared and promoted events.

School District Calendar Shared to Schools

School districts can create their own Master Calendar and push categories of events and schedules down to all the corresponding schools. This allows the District to maintain control over the official schedules and communicate important district wide events down to the individual school communities.

Online School Calendar for District

Snagging of School Events

With Squareberry’s snag feature, schools can snag and promote events from other schools or from the district itself. Each school’s online calendar can be used to promote community events, whether at that specific school or another.

The School District can snag events from any school to feature them on the District Calendar. This allows the School District to show off Featured events or highlight things going on in certain areas of the district. The District can even promote these events via social media, to tell the entire school district about an event at a specific school.

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