Social Media For Schools

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Social Media is King!

Your parents, teachers and community get their up-to-date information from FB, Twitter, Linked in and the web. Social Media for schools is the next logical step in communicating with your entire community at once.

Wouldn’t be great if your school could leverage social media to communicate instantly with up-to-date information instead of using out-of-date methods like email, flyers, and paper calendars?  Email used to be an effective way to reach parents, teachers and students, but now with spam filters emails rarely get through and if they do, they are competing with the 30 other emails that came in that day! Squareberry is the answer!

School Communications Transformed

Squareberry is a powerful web tool that transforms your schools communication of activities, events and reminders through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and text messaging in minutes.  Squareberry allows you to organize, enter and schedule all those activities and communications in one place. You choose what social media websites gets updates, and even when the updates occur.

Your parents, teachers and the community are always up-to-date as they follow you on social media.  No more out of date email lists!  As a Squareberry user you get a dynamic online school calendar with multiple formats and views. To use the calendar is just as  easy as adding a link to your website or embedding a YouTube video!  No Software to install or manage and no IT help needed!

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District Wide Sharing

Squareberry’s capabilities aren’t limited to single school communities. You can use Squareberry’s calendar application and social media communication tools to manage an entire school district’s events and messages.

Using Squareberry, the school district can maintain it’s own calendar, and can snag event categories from the schools in the district. This way, the schools can each maintain their own calendar, while at the same time allowing the entire district to stay up-to-date and be aware of the events and activities occurring at other schools.

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Social Media for Universities

With integrated calendars, category and event sharing and social media communications tools, Squareberry is the ideal solution for universities with a variety of programs, colleges and teams.

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Smarter Fundraising is Here

  • No more door-to-door selling.
  • No more inventory to manage.
  • No need to mobilize the whole student body
  • Social Media Fundraising
  • With an Unlimited dollar potential!
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Squareberry is totally unique, free to use, and helps schools use social media to reduce costs, increase communication with parents, teachers and students, and even drive higher participation in events and fundraisers.

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