Social Media Tool for Franchises

Franchises have two choices with social media: ‘One For All’ or ‘One for One’. One for All, of course means there is a singular social media page for the entire franchise. A restaurant chain has one Facebook page and one Twitter account and they run specials or send messages that cover everyone without concern for locations, etc.

One for One gives every physical store location its own social media presence. As the web, search and social media get more and more localized, the ‘One for One’ approach will be the ideal solution.

Franchise Social Media Solution

Localization is getting bigger and bigger. There is so much content on the web, people want to see things only relative to them and their immediate area of the world. Jesse in Albuquerque wants to know about the specific events and promotions going on at the restaurant around the corner, as they run special happenings for the people of their city.

With Squareberry, every location can have their own account to publish to their specific social media accounts/pages. This allows them to communicate and run happenings that are ideal/specific for their location. Franchises can push brand wide promotions and events down to every location account from a Master Account. With Squareberry, the best of both worlds is delivered to create the ideal social media solution for franchises.

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