Social Media For Churches

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Churches Rejoice! Social Media that finally means something!

Tie social media into a simple formula you already know: Calendars. Plan your next year out with events and scheduled messages on Squareberry. You will then see automated messaging combined with calendar views and widgets for your website deliver a consistent online presence to effectively communicate with your members.

Transform Your Church’s Communications

Forget about paper fliers and printed calendars. Your church members are using social media – everyone is! Communicate with your members on their terms and let them share your message and events with their friends via social media.

Church Community Calendar

With Squareberry you can:

  • Plan and Schedule events in advance
  • Send automatic reminders to members about events
  • Keep track of your followers
  • Send inspirational messages to several channels at once
  • Join the conversation on social media

Easy For a Church Staff To Use

Squareberry is designed for anyone to be able to use it. It is the ideal platform for managing social media for churches. Planning events and messages is just like using a normal calendar. You add to selected date, repeat if you like, add images, and more. Squareberry is the easiest and best way to maximize your church communications.

Squareberry Is Easy To Use

Web Calendars

Squareberry’s calendars can be fully integrated onto your Facebook fan page or website. You add the events in in one place and they are sent to all you calendar views and widgets. Plus, automated reminders are published across social media channels and to email subscribers.

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