Squareberry delivers a full force social media dashboard. This customizable interface offers a variety of widgets to provide you with the feedback and analysis you need to fine tune your social media marketing and communications strategies. In addition to the social media dashboard, Squareberry’s Sent Messages area will give you stats on the messages you have published.

The widgets for your social media dashboard include:

  • Facebook Followers – Line graph displaying your “Like” growth on Facebook, watch as you build more and more “Likes” over time
  • Twitter Followers – Line graph displaying your follower growth on Twitter
  • Social Statistics – Social Media stats on your total followers, new followers for the week, Social media post impressions for the week and month
  • Facebook Demographics – Average Age, Age Group and Male/Female ration of your Facebook followers
  • Listen&Count Polls – View Pie Charts of Your Current Listen&Count Poll Results
  • Recent Twitter Followers – Graphical presentation of your most recent followers on Twitter
  • Most Viewed – See which future events/promotions are your highest viewed items
  • Recent Sent Messages – Displays impressions, replies and click statistics on your recently sent messages
  • Social Influence Widget – Shows your Klout score, Facebook Viral Reach, and Facebook People Talking About You
  • Recently Created Items – there are a variety of other widgets to choose from that display recent events, promotions and messages you have created, giving you quick access to items you may still be working on