Social Conversation Management

Keyword Monitoring

With Squareberry, you can track any number of specified keywords. Say you wanted to see who was chatting about ice cream in South Miami. You could enter keywords like “miami ice cream” “south miami ice cream” or “south miami yogurt”. You will then see tweets containing these key terms and see exactly who is saying what.

If someone tweets something you find interesting, you can click on their name and be taken to their profile where you can easily follow them. Now, all their tweets will show up in your news feed so you can see what they have to say. Keyword Monitoring is a great way to keep in touch with your market, and staying in touch is an essential aspect of social media marketing. Squareberry makes it as easy as entering a few keywords.

Twitter Keyword Monitoring

Social Conversations

Squareberry pulls in all the social conversation happening with your social accounts. From your Twitter account, you will see your timeline, your tweets, and all the replies/mentions and direct messages sent to you. Your Facebook account will pull in your profile or page wall. This will let you see all the posts from you and others, as well as any comments that have been added to these posts. You will also be able to easily respond to any posts or comments on your social network accounts, right from within your Squareberry account.

The Social Conversations area allows you to keep up with the conversation from one centralized location. Conversation is a big part of your communications and marketing. You need to be able to respond to customers, offer suggestions, thank people who make positive comments and encourage further social sharing of your posts. The Social Conversations area gives you this power of interaction.