Squareberry allows you to manage your social conversation from a centralize location. You can track keywords and manage conversations from various sources in an easy to use interface.

Search for Keyword on Twitter

Squareberry allows you to Search across Twitter to find keywords and see who is talking about things related to you and your organization. This can be used to generate new leads, answer questions or recommend your organization to be talking about related topics.

When you find people saying interesting things, you can easily ReTweet or reply to them from any of your Twitter accounts, right inside the Search area.

Monitor Your Social Feeds

The Social Feeds area pulls in views similar to what you would see on actual social networking sites. You get your Twitter Timelines (seeing tweets by those you follow), Facebook Walls, and recent activity from LinedIn. The Social Feeds area is a great way to check in on those you follow and see what people are posting. You can Retweet, reply and comment right from inside the Social feeds area.

Unified Social Inbox

The Social Inbox makes social conversation management easy. It centralized the conversations you are involved in on Twitter and Facebook.

Anyone who replies to you on Twitter or makes a comment on your Facebook Wall will show up in the Inbox. The Inbox functions like an email program and marks things as “Answered” or “Unanswered”. You can reply and comment back to each person from right inside the Inbox. After you reply, that person gets marked as “Answered” and you can see your entire conversation back and forth with each person. The Social Inbox makes managing and tracking your social conversations easy.