Social Media Calendar

Squareberry is the ideal social media calendar in every sense. The Social Media Planner allows you to schedule,repeat and optimize events, messages and promotions to publish to a variety of social media channels.

Your Real World Happenings Meet Social Media

Calendars typically show off happenings that take place in the real world: events going on at a school, special nights at the local restaurant or promotions at your favorite store. Squareberry is designed to show off your real world happenings and publish them across communications channels. Nothing represents what you have going on at your organization better than Squareberry.

True Social Media Calendar

Your events and promotions are displayed on web calendars, web widgets, and even a Facebook Page calendar. Every event and promotion has a variety of social sharing buttons so viewers and followers can help spread the word about your happening.

The Facebook Page Calendar is ideal for showing off your organization’s real world happenings right on Facebook. This interactive month calendar is designed and optimized for Facebook pages and look great on any Facebook Fan Page.

Social Media Planner

Squareberry’s social media planner is built just like a calendar. You select dates and schedule messages and happenings far in advance. You can repeat in a variety of ways, just like a calendar. You can edit occurrences and optimize your events and messages. The social media planner is a great way to plan and schedule your social communications and real world happenings.