Social Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to organize and measure your marketing efforts. Campaigns can be scheduled for any period of time and any of your events, messages or promotions can be added to one or more campaigns.

Social Campaigns

From the Campaigns screen you can quickly see how many Past and Scheduled (future) events, messages and promotions you have for each campaign. You can also see which categories these include. Each campaign can be exported as a PDF Report. This Report tracks and measures your marketing efforts from the campaign start date to the current date (or last date of campaign).

Campaign Reports

The Social Media Marketing Campaign Report that is generated gives you an ideal collection of information for gauging your effectiveness. It displays how many times your scheduled items, mobile sites and calendars have been viewed. The Report shows how many followers you have added during your campaign, how many post impressions you got and how many times people clicked on your links.

The Report also gives your demographics data and shows your social influence with Facebook “Talking About” and “Viral Reach” stats. For Marketers, these reports are ideal for showing your clients what you scheduled and delivered for their organizations. Small businesses and non-profits monitor their effectiveness and track their growth using the campaigns and reports.

Dashboard Reports

The Social Media Dashboard can also be exported as a PDF Report. The Report exports your Twitter Followers, Facebook Followers, Social Stats, Facebook Demographics, Social Influence and Most Viewed widgets. This gives you a great overview of your current social marketing status.


*Campaigns are not available in the Free version of Squareberry.