Snagging is a feature that allows you to grab events and promotions created by other Squareberry accounts. You can then display these on your calendars, publish reminders about them to your social accounts and more.

Each category you create can be designated as “Snaggable” or not. You can even choose to require approval for others to Snag. With this option, you will receive a confirmation email to approve the Snag.

Snagging Categories

When you or someone else snags the category, all of the events and promotions created in the category are automatically added to the calendar of whoever has snagged it.

This way, a school district can add events from all of their schools without having to enter them individually, a restaurant can snag a favorite sports team schedule and schedule promotions to go along with the games, and a church can snag community events from other churches or organizations they sponsor.

You can even set the snagged categories to publish to your social media accounts, to help promote other businesses or encourage a sense of community.

Squareberry has a library of expansive schedules, calendars and more to choose from. Take advantage of these to instantly add new content to your Squareberry account.

Snagging Individual Events + Promotions

You can snag individual events and promotions from other accounts to be used in your account. There is a snag button on the top of every event and promotion, allowing you to easily snag events/promos that you find and want to show off.

How To Snag

1. Snag From Within Your Squareberry Account

Go to Categories > Snag Categories
Here you will be able to search by account name or category name to find categories. You can then instantly Snag them and start showing them off. Search for a Holiday calendar, a sports team schedule or rock musician birthdays! Squareberry is full of interesting categories and schedules.

2. Snag From Calendars

At the top of every calendar view from Squareberry there is a Snag button. This makes Snagging easy. If you are on a website and see a Squareberry calendar you like you can snag from it. If you see a Squareberry Calendar on Facebook that you want, Snag it! All you have to do it click Snag and select the categories you want.

3. Snag From a URL on the Web

Squareberry let’s you snag from a URL that exists on the web. For instance, Google Calendars all have ICS URLs (if active). You could Snag this URL from a Google calendar and use it as a category in your Squareberry account. This would allow you to publish to social media and display on your calendars and widgets. The best part is that if it is updated in Google, Squareberry will detect the update and automatically update it in Squareberry. It iworks just like Snagging from a Squareberry account.