Scheduled Social Media Messaging

With Squareberry, you can schedule social media messages far in advance. These messages can be scheduled for specific times on any date with a variety of repeating options. You can send weekly reminders, monthly announcements or even messages that go out just once a year. Scheduling these social media messages works just like a calendar with a versatile set of repeat options.

Optimizing Your Social Media Messaging Schedule

Scheduled social media messages appear right on your Social Media Planner, just like events and promotions. This gives you an ideal look at your social media marketing schedule. See when your scheduled messages are going out in combination with your events and promotions, and adjust your schedule to optimize a consistent social media communication stream with your followers.

Scheduling Social Media Messages

Attaching Images To Social Messages

Squareberry lets you attach images right to your scheduled and instant messages. On Facebook, these images show up right in the news feed with the message, drawing the eye of your followers on Facebook. Adding images to your messages is a great way to change the pace and stand out from the flood of social media messages users are typically met with.

Social Media Message URL Shortener

Squareberry has a built in URL shortener to assure you are not wasting characters on lengthy URL addresses. Squareberry uses its own URL shortening system with the domain. This short domain is used for links sent in your automated messages and can be used to shorten any URL you choose when sending social media messages.

Shortening URLs For Twitter