Online School Calendar

Online school calendars are an ideal way to communicate with parents, students, faculty and the community. They give everyone a great point of reference and easy way to keep up to date with everything going on at the school.

Online School Calendar Made Easy

Squareberry makes online school calendars easy. You add events in an easy web-based application and watch them automatically show up on calendars and widgets you have placed on your school website or schools Facebook page. You enter events in one place and they show up everywhere.

Squareberry social media planner makes scheduling events and messages easy. the planner is a simple monthly calendar interface that allows you to easily edit school events and schedule messages to communicate with your followers and community.

Free Online School Calendar

The Free version of Squareberry is perfect for school’s and other non-profits who do not want to spend money on an online calendar. The Free version is ad support (small ads appear on top of your school calendar and on events). But, there is an optional fundraising feature which can be unlocked to help school’s raise unlimited funds.

The free school online calendar is feature packed and includes social media publishing, any number of customized calendar views and more.