Listen&Count allows to to create interactive polls to ask questions, gather feedback and make your social/mobile marketing more interactive.

With Listen&Count you specify keywords that will be tracked on Twitter, SMS and/or a Website Poll Widget. Any responses with one or more of these keywords are counted and tracked in your account. This allows you to ask questions on Twitter and track answers, put an interactive question on your widget, or run a quick survey via SMS.

Run Interactive Mobile & Social Polls

Say you want to find out what ice cream flavor people favor most. Call your Listen&Count poll “Favorite Ice Cream Flavor”. Track the results on Twitter, SMS, a Website Poll Widget. For the Poll Widget, input some text to display. With this example we will put: “What ice cream flavor is your favorite, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or Butter Pecan?” You can then specify a date range to track responses for, or simply make it ongoing.

Once you are set-up, you can embed the Website Poll Widget on your website or add a Listen&Count Poll Page to your mobile website. You can also schedule any number of Twitter and/or SMS messages to go out to your followers asking for their answer. Any replies to your on Twitter or SMS with one of those keywords will be tracked and counted.

Keywords and Aliases

Squareberry’s Listen&Count features the ability to add any number of keywords and aliases. Aliases are alternative words that count towards the keyword. For example if you keyword is “Phone” you could add aliases such as “telephone” “cell” and “cellular”. Responses with these aliases count for that keyword.