Web Calendars + Widgets

Squareberry allows you to show off your organization’s events and promotions across the web. You can embed full Calendar Views on your website, you can add widgets to your sidebars and home page, calendars to your Facebook fan page and more.

Squareberry’s full calendar views feature buttons allowing viewers to subscribe to your events and promotions in a variety of ways. Viewers can create customized RSS feeds made up of the categories they select. They can also subscribe to get email updates from the categories they select. From all Views and Widgets, viewers can click on the events to get the full details, maps, and more. Viewers can also filter the views by categories, to see only what they need to see.

List Widget

The List Widget shows off your upcoming events in a list format. You can dictate how many upcoming events to show.

Day Widget

The Day Widget shows off your upcoming days and the events they feature.

Landscape Slider Widget

Great for website footers, side panels and even home pages, the Slider Widget grabs images or the location of your event along with the date and time and some text from the details. The Slider Widget is the most visually appealing way to show off your upcoming events.



Portrait Slider Widget

Perfect for Home Pages to grab attention and drive real world traffic. The Portrait Slider is larger than the Landscape Slider but has a similar feature set and set-up.

Month Calendar

Online Web Calendar

The Month Calendar is the traditional Calendar View which shows on month at a time.

Click Hereto See a Month Calendar

List Calendar

Web Calendar - List Calendar

The List Calendar lists every event in the order they happen. It starts with the current month and shows upcoming months below.

Click Hereto See a List Calendar

Icon Month Calendar

Online Calendar - Icon Calendar

Designed to fit perfectly in Facebook Fan Pages, the Icon Month Calendar shows only icons but reveals event name and details on rollover. This is great to use on more narrow websites.

Click Hereto See an Icon Month Calendar