Web Calendars & Widgets

Squareberry delivers full online calendar views and widgets to display your events and promotions. These online calendars can be customized to include any of your created categories, allowing you to create any number of customized online calendars.

The calendars can swap between List and Month views. Users can filter what they are seeing by the categories you have created and get full details of each event and promotion with a simple click. Widgets include simple list views and interactive sliders.

Click Hereto See Samples of the Views and Widgets

Web Calendar

Facebook Page Calendar

Go where the people are. Facebook is where many people (and probably your followers) spend their time. A full calendar view can be added inside of Facebook right on your Facebook fan page. Now, your followers don’t even need to leave Facebook to see the upcoming months’ events and promotions at your organization. Squareberry is the true social media calendar.

Website Integration – Calendars For Websites

Your web calendars and widgets can be added to any website across the web. Using simple embed codes, adding your online calendar to your website is as easy as embedding a YouTube video! Once the code is in, you are good to go. The widgets will automatically populate with the items from your Squareberry account.

Squareberry lets you integrate your website even further with dynamic widgets. These widgets are ideal for showing off your upcoming events on your website’s home page or highlighting upcoming promotions that will stand out. These widgets automatically update on your website to display the appropriate events and promotions. You never have to worry about updating these areas of your website again.

Fundraising – Sponsored Calendars

Smarter fundraising is here. Ad spots can be unlocked and sold to local businesses in the community. The ad spots appear at the top of calendars and on event detail pages. The ad spots clearly promote your calendar sponsors without hindering the viewer experience. Fundraising with Squareberry is simple and effective. The fundraising features make Squareberry the ideal online school calendar.

Sponsored Online Calendars