SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be a highly effective method for driving traffic to your real world location and communicating with your subscribers. With Squareberry you can send instance SMS text messages to mobile subscribers and schedule SMS messages far in advance.

Schedule SMS Messages

With Squareberry’s social and mobile communications planner, you can schedule SMS messages far in advance. Just click “Add” in any date in your planner and schedule a new message. You can set a specific time, adjust the date and even set your message to repeat.

Squareberry also allows you to publish your same message on social media that you send to SMS subscribers. When you send or schedule any message in Squareberry, you can select multiple social media accounts, your SMS subscriber list and mobile app push notifications. Squareberry publishes across mobile and social channels.

Twilio SMS PLatform


Squareberry’s true SMS sending is powered by Twilio. Squareberry users set-up their own Twilio accounts and connect them to Squareberry (just like connecting to social media) to publish SMS messages. Twilio is a leading SMS platform and provides reliable deliverability, subscribe/unsubscribe management features and more.

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