Add Your Mobile Site to Your Existing Website

Your Squareberry mobile site can be integrated with your existing website. Mobile devices users will be detected and redirected to your mobile site automatically. Simply paste the provided code from your Mobile Site Settings page into the seciton of your website.

Your Domain on the Mobile Site

You can have your existing website domain show for your mobile site. You can do this with a subdomain “m”. So the address to see your mobile website will be: “”.

Step 1
Make sure you have entered your website domain in the Mobile Site Settings page of the Mobile Management Area in your Squareberry account. The domain must match your domain exactly.

Step 2
You must go to the DNS control of your domain. Add an A record entry for “m” and then point it to the IP Address:

Mobile DNS Config

*Note – it can take hours or even days for some DNS entries to completely resolve with all internet service providers.

Step 3
Select the radio button for “Use Your Custom Domain”. This is found under Embed Code to Redirect Mobile Device Users on the Mobile Site Settings page.

Now, when someone on a mobile device visits your website, they will automatically be redirected to your mobile site, which is at the m subdomain of your very own domain.