Mobile Website Calendar

The Mobile Management Area in Squareberry allows you to build effective and meaningful mobile website solutions.

The events and promotions you schedule in Squareberry will be seen on your mobile website calendar page as well as your featured slider. You also have the ability to create additional calendar pages, allowing you to organize your events and promotions on your mobile website any way you want.


Customized Calendar Pages

You could create a mobile website page showing off your favorite sports team’s schedule, a calendar just for families or a ‘daily deals’ calendar page. When setting up a calendar page, simply select which categories you want to be shown on that page.

Events + Coupon Promotions on Mobile Website

Every events and coupon promotion you create in Squareberry is optimized for mobile devices. Mobile device users can easily see everything happening at your organization, and your events and coupons will help drive them into your real world location.