Interactive Mobile Website

Interactive Mobile Website

Your mobile website should be interactive, but not complicated. Mobile users are hunters, interested in finding the information they want and moving on to something else. Your mobile website needs to be clear, concise and help drive people to your location.

Mobile websites built in Squareberry harness the power of the Squareberry platform to deliver calendars, coupon promotions, social media links, contact forms and more.

Mobile users will easily be able to learn about your organization, see what real world happenings are coming soon, read recent news, and contact you on a form or through a direct call button. Having a direct call button on your mobile site is a great way to encourage people to instantly contact you.

Mobile Coupons + Events

The Squareberry platform is all about driving people to your location through real world happenings. The Squareberry Mobile Management Area excels in this by delivering your events and promotions on featured sliders and full calendars.