Mobile Website CMS

Squareberry has a Mobile Website CMS integrated right into the platform. You can add custom pages, custom content, images and more.

What makes mobile websites built in Squareberry different, is that they harness the full power of Squareberry events and promotions. Your scheduled happenings are featured on a Home Page slider, on your calendar page and on any additional calendar pages you make. Your Squareberry powered Mobile Website will be truly interactive.

Mobile Website CMS

Your events and promotions can quickly and easily be viewed by mobile device users who are visiting your site. The events and Coupon Promotions are optimized for mobile devices and help draw people in to your location.

Easy Mobile Website Creation

Making a mobile website in Squareberry is incredibly easy! We have set templates as well as full custom pages. You could build your mobile site in a matter of minutes.

You will also be able to easily add your mobile site to your existing website. Site visitors using mobile devices will be automatically redirected to your mobile site.

Fresh Content

Keeping your mobile site updated with fresh content is simple. Just add Events and Promotions into your Squareberry account and you will be updating your mobile site with fresh content and information about the happenings going on at your organization. Your news page(s) will also be updated with recent Tweets or recent RSS/Blog posts. Keeping your mobile site updated and fully integrated with your existing online presence has never been easier.