Social Media Promotions

Most social media communications tools allow you to just send out typed messages. What they call “social media promotions” are really just scheduled messages where you promote something. With Squareberry you are creating digital coupon promotions which will be viewed on calendars, social media channels, email and more. You are not just making messages of text, you are creating visual coupons that will drive customers into your location.

Real Social Media Promotions

Squareberry’s social media promotions are ideal for restaurants, boutiques, markets and other businesses. Every promotion you make contains informations about “the deal”, details, a bar code, an image and even a map with directions to your locations where the promotion can be redeemed.

The promotions you make with Squareberry are built to drive real world traffic into your location. Website traffic is good, but most local businesses are looking for ways to draw in more people in the real world.

Truly Social Coupon Promotions

Your Promotions are not just scheduled messages. When you create a promotion in Squareberry you are building a coupon promotion which can be found on your calendars, widgets, and Facebook Calendar. Automated reminder messages about your promotions are sent across social media, email and SMS. In addition to maps + directions, every promotion contains social sharing buttons to help your promotions spread virally.