Coupons Promotions Through Text Message

Run Coupon Promotions Through SMS

Squareberry coupon promotions are digital coupons that can be viewed online or on a mobile device. You specify the date and time of the promotion, and reminders are automatically published out to social media channels, and even SMS.

Your customers and fans can subscribe to receive SMS text message reminders from your business. Squareberry SMS text message reminders include your description of the promotion and a link to the promotion. These pages are optimized for mobile devices and promotions are viewed as digital coupons that can even include a barcode, which can be scanned right from the mobile device.

Automated Text Message Marketing

Coupon promotions are automatically sent out as reminders on social media, email and mobile devices. Mobile subscribers will receive these reminders as a text message. The text messages are complete with a shortened URL to send subscribers right to the coupon promotion.