Social Media Promotions + Mobile Coupons

Run Digital Coupon Promotions On Social Media

Squareberry delivers scheduled digital promotions across social media channels to your followers. Scheduling these promotions is just like scheduling an event on a calendar. You can dictate time/date and create recurring digital promotions. Squareberry lets you create social media marketing that drives REAL customers to your business with social media promotions.

With Squareberry, your promotions are delivered as digital coupons and social media messages. You can add images, bar codes and locations to your promotions to create a true digital coupon. Locations features deliver full maps and directions. Every promotion includes social sharing buttons to promote the spreading of your promotion by your followers. Through social media sharing, your promotions will help you draw new customers to your business.

Mobile Coupon Promotion

Mobile Coupons

Mobile devices are everywhere. Businesses need to deliver elegant marketing to people on-the-go. Squareberry delivers mobile coupons through social media and text message marketing to followers, even when they’re not at home. The digital mobile coupons are optimized for mobile devices.

Squareberry will take your business’s social media marketing to the next level. Squareberry promotions draw customers to your actual business location with real intent to spend money.

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