ICS Import

You can import existing calendars you have right into Squareberry. This allows you to get started right away using all of Squareberry’s great features. With a few simple clicks you can have an entire schedule imported and ready to be published as reminders to social media, email and more.

You can also Snag ICS files from other places on the web. Snagging differs form importing in that Snags will automatically update based on changes made at the source. So if someone updates the ICS you are snagging, it will update your Squareberry account.

How To Import Your Calendar

1. Sign-Up for Squareberry (if you haven’t already)
Visit our website and sign up for an account. We even have free accounts to get started with right away.

2. Export Your Current Calendar as an ICS File
How to Export From Yahoo >
How to Export From Google >
How to Export From Outlook >
How to Export from iCal >

3. Import It Into Squareberry
In your Squareberry go to the Planner. At the top of the Planner you will see text that says “Events (See All)”. Click “See All” and this will take you to the Events area. At the top of the Events area there is a button that says “Imports”. In the Imports area you will see any past imports and can import a new file by clicking the ‘Import Calendar File” button at the top.

You can upload the file or import via a URL. Choose a category to place them in (or make a new one) and you are set. The events of that ICS file are now imported into Squareberry and you can display, publish and share them on web calendars, social media, email and more.

To import via web URL: Simply copy the URL of your ICS file (from a service such as Google or Yahoo) and then paste it into the Import From URL option in Squareberry. Your ICS file will be grabbed from the URL and imported right into your Squareberry account.