Easy Facebook Page Maker

Squareberry’s built in Facebook landing page maker is very easy to use. It allows you to add URLs and settings to a set template to create a great looking customized Facebook Fan Page for any organization. The Page is designed to connect followers and page visitors with your social media and online presence while driving them to your real world location with events and promotions.

Fully Custom Facebook Page

While Squareberry’s Facebook Landing Page maker gives you the ability to create a great looking and interactive landing page, it also allows for fully customizable pages. You can easily disable any and all of the set options and built in elements. If you choose to disable them all, you can add custom HTML in the Top Area, essentially building a custom HTML landing page from scratch. This flexibility allows an unlimited amount of designs and options for your Facebook landing page.

Facebook Landing Page

Easy Custom Facebook Page

Squareberry is designed to make things simple and easy to use. The Facebook Landing Page maker is no different. With Squareberry, a professional looking and interactive landing page can be built in a matter of minutes.