Social Media for Churches

Squareberry offers complete, ideal and easy event management and communications. With Squareberry you put the event in one place and send it everywhere. Your Church’s events will show up on web calendars on your website, interactive widgets, email, SMS, and social media. Automated reminders about the events will be sent across these channels to keep everyone updated.

Social Media for Churches Made Easy

Squareberry is built just like a calendar. It is designed to be easy and simple to use. We wanted church staff to be able to use it on their own, and enjoy using it. If you can use a calendar, you can use Squareberry.

The Social Media Planner allows churches to schedule events and message far in advance. These happenings can be repeated in a variety of ways, just like a calendar. Events can be optimized and jazzed up with images, videos and more.

Church Calendar on Facebook

Squareberry even allows you to put a monthly calendar right on a Facebook page. Church members and the community can seeneverything going on at the church from right inside of Facebook. This calendar gives your Facebook page real value and will keep people coming back again and again to keep up to date with everything happening at the church.