Events on Social Media

Squareberry is the best way to promote your events across social media channels and calendars. Squareberry works just like a calendar. Plan and schedule one-time and repeating events for your organization.

Every event contains social media and email sharing buttons to promote the distribution of your events. You will be able to watch as your followers promote your events for you across Twitter and Facebook. Squareberry delivers true social media events.

Promoting Events Online

Automated Social Media Publishing

Squareberry automatically sends out social media messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn about your upcoming events. These messages contain links to event details.

Email subscribers can receive automated email reminders about upcoming events. Subscribers can selectively choose the categories that they are interested in to create a customized experience. Every email contains an ICS file so subscribers can add the event to Outlook or iCal.

Squareberry’s event features are ideal for schools, churches, non-profits, restaurants, teams and more.

Online Calendars and Widgets

Events are easily displayed on web calendars and widgets. These calendars and widgets can be added right to your existing website. You can even display full calendars on your Facebook fan page.

Web Event Calendar

Every calendar and widget display is customizable. You can dictate what categories to display where, allowing you to deliver targeted event views. (Sports Calendar, Ladies’ Events, etc)

Canceled Events

When you mark an event as canceled in Squareberry, it does not get deleted. This would confuse people who already planned on attending your event. Instead, Squareberry marks it as “Canceled.” Social Messages and emails are sent to notify people that this event has been cancelled, making sure everyone stays updated.

Canceling Online Events

Mapping Event Locations

Location + Maps of Events

Add customized locations to your events. These location details deliver full maps integration and dynamic directions. These features help drive social media followers to your actual location, not just your website.