Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been the most popular form of online marketing for some time. It is easily being replaced more and more by Social Media Marketing. Email inboxes have become cluttered with too much information, too many emails that are considered junk. Social Media offers subscribers the ability to pick and choose. They view shorter messages, on-demand with friends recommendations and interaction.

Squareberry brings Social Media philosophy to email communications, allowing the subscriber to pick and choose what reminders they want and do not want. People can subscribe to get reminders about upcoming events and promotions in select categories via email. This assures people are getting the information they want and that matters to them – the information that will more likely cause them to take action, attend, purchase, or participate.

With email communications in Squareberry, there are no lists to manage, no scheduling or message writing. It is simple and effective and communicates your organization’s real world happenings in a timely manner.

Email Marketing Management