Web Based App

Squareberry is web based and can be used on any leading web browser. This means you can login and manage from anywhere you have internet connection. Your data is securely stored and readily available. There is nothing to install and no software updates to worry about. Just open your web browser, login and enjoy.

Add Users to Your Account

You can add any number of users to your account. This allows teams to work together and large organizations to share the marketing efforts without having everyone use the same login information. New users can be marked as Administrators or Authors.

Administrators and Authors

Administrators have all rights in your account. They can add or edit anything and can change settings. Authors cannot change settings and only have the ability to add or edit in categories they are granted access to. Additionally they can be restricted from sending/scheduling messages.

Easy Like a Calendar

Squareberry is your Social Communications and Marketing Planner. It is built just like a calendar, allowing you to easily schedule your events, messages and promotions. It was designed to work for people wanting to engage their brands with the public in an easy and stress-free way.