Events + Messages + Promotions

Categories are Key

Squareberry combines events, messages and promotions to create optimized and effective social media communication.

Social Media Messages

Messages are simple. They are published to the social media accounts you select at a time you select. Messages can be sent instantly or scheduled and repeated. You can repeat in any customized pattern, just like a calendar entry. Images can be attached to show on Facebook and links are easily shortened using our built in URL shortener.

Social Media Events

Events help you promote special occasions. Insert images, embed videos, add your location and more. You can add PDFSs to be downloaded and utilize features like tallies. Events can be repeated weekly, monthly, yearly and daily. You can skip dates, repeat in customized patterns and more! It works just like a Calendar.

Social Media Promotions

Promotions are digital coupons designed to draw in customers. Announce special deals and money saving opportunities with these mobile digital coupons. Promotions can be repeated just like events, making scheduling your promotions far in advance simple and easy.

Publish Everywhere

Your events and promotions are displayed on your web calendars and widgets. Email and mobile subscribers receive reminders about your events and promotions, and reminders are sent out across social media channels.

Automated Social Media Publishing

Automated social reminders are sent out about your upcoming events and promotions. These are based on the settings you select with each of the categories you create. For example, you can set your Facebook page to publish reminders 2 days before and on the day of for a category. Now, Squareberry will automatically publish a reminder about your events in that category 2 days before they take place. It will also publish a reminder about the events on the day they occur. These reminders assure your will maximize attendance and participation.

Squareberry makes social media management easy. You enter your events, messages and promotions in one place and publish them across social media, web calendars and more. Squareberry helps you drive real people to your real location.