Easy Social Media Marketing Tool

Managing Multiple Accounts

With Squareberry you can easily manage multiple accounts. You can quickly jump from one account to another without having to log out and back in. Your login to Squareberry is centered around your email address, you will be able to access all the accounts that your email address has access to.

Account Switching

On the Switch Account screen you will see your access level for each account (if you are an Administrator, Owner, etc.). You can simply click on the Account Name and you will be taken to that account. You are also taken to this screen when you first login to Squareberry, so you can pick which account you want to work in.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Admins and Authors

Squareberry has two access types: Administrator and Authors. Administrators have all rights in the accounts. They can do/add/edit anything. Authors are created by Admins and can be granted access to specific categories/item types. This means they can only add/edit items in the categories they have been given access to. Authors will not be able to change settings or add new categories.

Free Social Media Tool

Squareberry offers an ad supported free version for free social media management. Learn More about the free tool. This free social media tool offers individuals, non-profits, schools and more the chance to manage their social media presence.