Automated Social Media Publishing

Squareberry delivers social media messages out to sites like Twitter and Facebook based on the events and promotions you have entered. These automated messages remind social followers about your upcoming events and promotions while delivering full details, locations + maps, and more via URLs.

Squareberry’s automated social media publishing delivers messages based on your customized timing settings. Event and promotions reminders can be scheduled to go out 5 days before, 2 days before, 1 day before, on the day of, etc. See how this works >


Links Attached in Facebook Posts

Squareberry automatically attaches event and promotion detail pages as links in Facebook posts. These posts are more visually appealing and stand out among the plethora of Facebook activity on a user’s News Feed. These automated reminders makes communicating your upcoming events and promotions on Facebook easy!

Easy to Manage Social Media

Automated social media messages take the hassle off your staff to deliver reminders on social media about everything going on at your organization. You and your staff can plan far in advance, tweak your plan as you go, and enjoy the worry free style of publishing social media communications with Squareberry. Squareberry makes social media easy.

RSS Publishing

Squareberry let’s you create customized RSS feeds containing the categories you select. RSS is used by many third-party applications and reader clients, allowing viewers to get updates about the events they want in the applications they are already using.